Making MERI, Popular Japanese Room Shoes with the Locals 大人気の布ぞうりを作ろう

Produced by "Field Trip +"

(by Pastel and Hatch Cowork+KIDs)



MERI is a new style of comfortable room shoes which is shaped like a traditional Japanese sandal, Zori. Meri is made by cloths and made through traditional Japanese technics which have been enriched by the wisdom of grandmothers in Japan. This workshop will be held in both Japanese and English. Any nationality is welcome!

◆Pick-Up Point◆

•Collaboration of traditional and new Japanese culture

Enjoy chatting with local Japanese people

•Get a chance to visit Hatch, a popular co-working space in Japan (please check Japan Times)

•Take the completed shoe back to your home and enjoy comfortable room shoes at home!


【Date】2013.8.31 14:00-17:00 (doors open at 13:45)

【Place】Hatch Cowork+KIDs (Tokyo Metro Akasakamitsuke Station 5 minutes walk)

【Fee】 4,800JPY/person (includes material fee)

【What to bring】string, needle, and scissor (You can rent them for 200JPY/person)

【Due】2013.8.27 (Tue) 13:00 **Spots are very Limited so please register NOW

【Teacher】Miki Kusamoto MERI Designer

 "I would like to transmit Japanese Manufacturing through life-style products with nitting" This is my concept to making products everyday

◆How to attend◆

Please register by pressing the button “Get Ticket” and pay by the due date.


Please email info@pastel-be.com . Cancellation is not completed until you get the cancellation email. Cancellation fee is below.

•~14 days before ... free

•14 days~7 days ... half

•7 days~event day ....... all

※if you cancel after the payment is made, we will refund the amount described above less the banking charge. With a credit card refund there are no payback charge.

◆About Field Trip +◆

"Field Trip +" provides Unique Experience to Foreigners visiting and living in Japan with the locals through Japanese Culture. Produced by Pastel and Hatch Cowork + KIDs

Pastel manages international girls hangout group 'Onigiri Girls'. Our mission is to provide opportunities for foreigners to communicate with the locals to enhance the enjoyment and their experience in Japan!





•ちょっと興味はあるけど行った事がないという方も多いのでは?話題のコワーキングスペースHatch Cowork+KIDs での開催です 



【日時】2013年8月31日 14:00-17:00 (13:45受付開始)

【場所】Hatch Cowork+KIDs (東京メトロ 赤坂見附駅 徒歩5分)

【料金】 4,800円/人 (材料費含む)

【持ち物】糸、針、はさみ(紙はさみでOK) ※200円でレンタルも可能

【締切】2013.8.27 (火) 13:00 **募集人数が少ないため申し込みはお早めに!

【講師】草本 美樹 MERIデザイナー





info@pastel-be.com へメールをお願いします。キャンセルは完了確認メールが届くまで完了していません。キャンセル料は以下で日付はキャンセル依頼メールをこちらが受信した日時です。

•~15 日前 ... 無料

•14 日~7 日前 ... 半額

•7日~当日 .... 全額


◆Field Trip +について◆

"Field Trip +" は「遠足プラス」という意味で、日本の文化を通じて外国人と日本人が一緒に様々な経験をする、PastelHatch Cowork + KIDsのコラボプロジェクトです。

Pastel:インターナショナル女子会Onigiri Girlsなどを運営。外国人の方にもっと日本を楽しんでもらいたい!という想いで様々な活動をしています

Sat Aug 31, 2013
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM JST
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Hatch Cowork+KIDs
inc. materials fee 参加費(材料費込) SOLD OUT ¥4,800
Venue Address
東京都 港区 赤坂4-9-25 Japan